ViewPortal.ICE as a Network

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ViewPortal.ICE as a Network

When the novelty wears off the practical reality remains, e-commerce marketing is an ever increasingly vital part of the sales mix, whether that be business to business or direct to consumers. That doesn’t just mean a customer on the far side of the planet, busy urban time poor and savvy people are turning in ever greater numbers to buying local products and services online.

‘3D photomation’ (or the whole view) is proven as having a stronger sales conversion than that of a flat 2D photograph of a product or service, some research suggesting up to 20% more!

ViewPortal.ICE (Image Capture Environments) are ready for that reality, in the first instance we see our market position as a strong affordable small business support tool, for those emerging small craft manufacturers, designers and creative individuals who want to display their products and services online to maximum effect. Whether used as a preview prior to visiting a conventional retail outlet locally or remote sales, e-commerce is a vital business tool.

If you are interested in being part of a ViewPortal.ICE network we invite you to contact us here.

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