Getting Started

Getting Started

Welcome to our service – ViewPortal Booths are designed as a ‘walk up’ autonomous user friendly device.  The booths are fun, easy to use and make it easy to share your images.

Create a stunning image of yourself or an object you wish to store and share in your personal cloud library.

These images can be used to document your treasures for insurance purposes, share photos with your family and friends or even to upload images to social media sites or your blog.

There are 3 simple steps – simply pre-register, nominate to pay using PayPal or your credit card and make an appointment to attend 1 of our booths.

Once you have captured the images, you are ready to log in to the Members Dashboard or home screen.

You will have the option of placing them in your secure cloud storage dashboard at or we can create a link allowing you to download direct from our Dropbox account.

Typically your images will be available within 48 hours depending on complexity i.e. the background you choose or any detailed objects – please note that some detailed images may take a little longer.